India’s First-Ever Hyderabad Eclipse Begins With ‘GST’ License Cancellation – ET Now

In an attempt to ease the strain on the Indian economy, the country’s telecom regulator has asked the government to provide a deadline of May 15 to complete its work on a digital infrastructure plan.

The Central Information Commission (CIC) on Monday said the deadline for a finalisation of the Digital India project, which was announced in March, was to be released on May 15.

According to the CIC, this is to enable the government and its stakeholders to “ensure that the work of the project is done in accordance with the law and that there are adequate procedures and policies for the implementation of this project.”

The CIC said it has also requested the state government to make an official announcement on the work done in the project within three months.

However, the deadline has been delayed due to an impending financial crunch.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the government would begin the implementation process for a digital India by March.

It would take four years to complete, with India to become the world’s largest digital market by 2020.

India’s government has been struggling to secure funding for the project, with the finance ministry only recently announcing the $5.5 billion (Rs 7.7 billion) in loan guarantees from the US and EU, the highest in the world.

The government has also raised the stakes on the project with the introduction of the ‘Hyderabad GST’ license cancellation deadline.

A Hyderabad city official said on condition of anonymity that the city had received a notice to cancel the license of the national carrier Bharti Airtel and that it was awaiting the government’s reply.

However , the company had told ET that it had no plans to renew the license and was confident of securing the required funds.