How to make sure you’re wearing a helmet before racing in NASCAR’s new car series

When NASCAR announced plans to move into a new car model this year, many wondered how they would keep track of drivers, cars, teams and drivers’ families when the cars aren’t in operation.

Now, that’s a question that is far more complicated than it might appear.NASCAR officials say the new cars are equipped with advanced sensors to measure driver health, and the data can be shared with medical providers in real-time.NASCASignals also will have access to medical data, such as oxygen saturation levels and blood pressure, via GPS devices.

All of that information will be shared on the official website,, where it will be linked to the driver’s medical history and to drivers’ health records.NASA officials said they have already implemented the technology on all of the new vehicles, which are scheduled to be ready for testing in 2018.

But they haven’t released the full extent of the information they have about drivers and cars.

For now, NASCAR is allowing drivers to get a glimpse at how their medical history compares to the information the public has access to on the website.

The first batch of new cars will be shown off in the spring.