When will we see the S100G 1BCR?

The S100Gs 1Bcs are expected to be available in Australia by the end of March 2018, and will be available at the launch of the GTS model in early 2019.

The first car launched with the GTP is the 1B, the successor to the GTR, and the first model to offer dual-motor drive.

The GTS 1B is set to be the flagship of the new generation of GTS models, which are intended to offer superior safety features, more room for passengers and cargo, and more space to accommodate passengers and luggage.

The car will be powered by the GTC 600C, which is a fully electric, petrol engine that features a range of more than 300km on a single charge.

The powertrain consists of two 6-speed automatic transmissions, with the transmission being the most powerful of the two, with a total of nine gears.

The GTS 600C is capable of handling up to 500km/h and is rated for speeds up to 205km/hr.

The 1B will be equipped with a front and rear differential, which will feature variable ratios.

The front differential will be able to change from 0 to 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, and 0-100km/hour in 8.5 minutes.

The rear differential will also feature variable ratio, but will have a gear ratio of 1.4.

The front suspension will feature adjustable coil springs and dampers, with adjustable damping damping as well as adjustable suspension travel, which can be set to provide varying levels of damping adjustment.

The body of the car will feature carbon fibre tubular construction and a carbon fiber roof, which features a carbon fibre rear bumper and carbon fibre diffuser.

The rear bumper features a rear spoiler and carbon fiber side skirts, which combine to create a carbon-fibre front diffuser that is adjustable for windscreen tilt.

A unique design feature of the front end of the 1b is a unique carbon fibre hood, which has been designed to help reduce rear-end drag.

The hood is designed to be completely covered with carbon fibre, with carbon fenders being added to help create an aerodynamic package.

The headlight array is also unique to the 1Bs, with three LEDs mounted on the hood, the centre and the side.

The tailgate is also designed to incorporate carbon fibre.

There are three electric-assisted start/stop lights on the doors, with one LED on each side of the rear door.

There is also a high-performance rear spoiler, which uses carbon fibre to produce a more aerodynamic rear end.

The top speed of the S 100Gs 1b cars is set at 205km-h.

The car will also be capable of reaching speeds up 100km/hours.

The engine is a 7-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces between 600 and 685bhp.

It will produce up to 600kg of torque and a range-topping 320km/hp at 5,000rpm.

The price of the model will be $21,500 AUD (about $2,200 USD).