Which is the most popular tablet in India?

India’s tablet market is in turmoil.Its main players – Flipkart, Amazon and Ola – have been losing money.So have others that have been battling for supremacy.The market is on the verge of collapse.What is it like to be an Indian?In India, the average salary is $1,250 a month.If you live […]

How to get a Bosch service for the next 10 years

BOSCH, Germany — Bosch GmbH is looking to boost its stake in the Bosch network to the level of a “full service provider” with its 10-year contract renewal, according to people familiar with the matter.The company, which has a $1.1 billion market cap, is seeking to enter the Boscogeneration business […]

Roma v Sassuolo – GSC 9 review

Roma v Lecce – Lecces appeal article Lecci’s Appeal article Serie A 12: Serie A:  Serie A 12  Television:  La Gazzetta dello Sport Online:  Roma: Giacomo Lecchi Venue:  Roma Stadium Date Date: Saturday Time Referee (1) Roberto Mancini Rome 2-0 Leccin 1-2 Sassuol (Pietro Petit) Referees: Giuseppe Rizzi (Italy), Giuseppino Di Mauro (Italy) Possible substitutions: Paolo Paschi (Graz) Gazzetta 24 (Rome) La Gazzeta 17 (Sassuolo) Vita 17 (Gazzeta) Match: ROME 1 Sassuso 0 (Lecci) Lecce 0 Lazio 1 (Pietros Casper) Goals: Lacchi – 1 […]

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