Why Chanel will be on the sidelines in Qatar next month

Doha, Qatar — Chanel Goutiére is not playing football at all this year.

She has a job, but that job is in a hospital.

It’s a very busy hospital, and she has to wait her turn to get an appointment.

That’s why she’s not playing, but it’s not because of a bad flu, according to her manager, Humberto Crespo.

She’s not sick, he said, because she’s a patient in a very important hospital.

Chanel is a nurse.

And she knows that the team’s training camp will start on March 9 in Qatar, and that she will have to miss the start of the regular season because of her hospitalization.

Chanels health will be the same as it is now.

So Chanel can’t play football because she has a new job, or she can’t come to Qatar because she needs a new medical certificate.

It is the only way that Chanel could play.

For now, Chanel and her team are focusing on the recovery of the injured player, who has not played since mid-March, after an infection.

That means she will miss the entire season and possibly all of the next one.

The team will try to be patient with the player, but there will be no easy answers, according.

The player will not be allowed to travel, nor will she be allowed even to go to the doctor’s office.

Her condition is critical and requires intensive care, according the hospital’s official Twitter account.

There is no guarantee that the player will be able to play.

The injury was discovered on the morning of Feb. 6.

There have been no injuries to other players or staff, according a hospital spokesman.

There has been no sign of the infection spreading outside of the hospital.

The infection is in Chanel’s body, so she will not need to undergo a second scan.

But she will be tested twice a day, the hospital said in a statement.

In this moment, she is in intensive care.

Her health has been compromised.

She cannot return to the field, nor is she going to the team training camp.

Chanelle Goutin is a journalist who covers the game for ESPN FC and ESPN Deportes.