The Israeli military’s job description

A new army post was inaugurated in the heart of Tel Aviv on Monday, a day after it was announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called on the entire country to “support the government.”

The job description for the new post, at the new Military Intelligence Command headquarters, was released late Sunday evening, with its title: “The Chief of Staff of the Military Intelligence Division.”

“The Chief [of] the Military Information Division, the head of the Intelligence Directorate and the head for Military Intelligence Operations and Security, will serve as the head and chief of staff of the army in a post of the Commander of the Israeli Defense Forces and the Military intelligence,” the post reads.

The job will require “the commitment of all the members of the IDF in order to ensure the success of this effort and will provide the chief of the armed forces with the responsibility to ensure that the army is equipped to conduct war operations in a timely and effective manner, to combat threats to the national security and territorial integrity, and to ensure and secure the lives of its citizens.”

The post is not expected to replace the current IDF Chief of Operations and Military Intelligence, who currently sits on the IDF’s Central Command.

Israel’s defense minister has been working for months on a plan to reorganize the IDF, but the government is still negotiating with the European Union and Russia over the fate of the post.

The plan has been in the works for months, but was not approved by Netanyahu before Sunday’s inauguration, which was attended by Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Defense Industry Minister Ehud Barak, the director general of the Defense Intelligence Service and other senior officials.

According to the post, the new chief of military intelligence will be responsible for the “integration of the Army in a national security strategy and the coordination of all military operations in the country.”

It is unclear how Netanyahu plans to replace Defense Minister Barak.

Barak was appointed as defense minister in February by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and has worked closely with Netanyahu on many of the military initiatives announced during his tenure.

Baraka was not expected, however, to be a key player in the reshuffle.

Netanyahu is expected to announce a new cabinet next week.