Jordan to raise price of water to US$7.99, and Israel to raise it to $9.99

Jordan is to raise the price of its water to the United States of America from US$6.99 per litre, as part of an attempt to boost demand. 

The increase will apply to all types of water except for fresh and distilled water, but will also apply to bottled water and water from water purification plants. 

On the other hand, Israel will increase the price to US $9 per litne.

The move follows a decision last month to increase the domestic price of the Israeli-produced, Israeli-controlled Golan Heights water supply from US $3.70 to US of $5.70 per liter. 

“We want to increase water consumption to bring prices in line with that of other parts of the world,” said Dr. Rami Ben-Haim, head of the water department of Jordan’s National Water Company. 

According to Ben-haim, Jordan is in need of more than US$4.5 billion a year to cover the costs of its needs. 

He said the move will help the country “save money, which is very important for us”.

“We also have to be aware of how much water we have in reserve.

We need to plan for the future and plan to keep it in reserve.” 

Ben-havim added that the increase was “not a result of any political initiative” but was instead “an unavoidable consequence of the drought”. 

He added that in order to help Jordan, the company had also decided to use the International Day of Happiness to raise awareness about the drought. 

(With inputs from AFP)