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We are still waiting for our first Bundesliga match to be broadcast, but with the Champions League quarter-finals in France on Tuesday, we can already start to anticipate what the Bundesliga will look like in 2018/19.

Here are the rules that govern this season, and the results that we can expect:1) There are no new transfers in the Bundesliga, although the club can introduce them.2) The club will only need to spend €100m in order to qualify for the Champions league, so we will not see any new signings until the end of 2019/20.3) Only €50m of the €100mn in transfer funds will be allocated for the next five seasons.4) The Bundesliga will only qualify for European competition if it reaches the quarter-final stage.5) There will be three rounds of four semi-finals and three semi-final matches per season.6) The Champions league is played in a round-robin format, with a quarter-stage, first-leg, and final-leg.7) Teams with a loss in their group will play in the third round, where the winner of that round will advance to the next round.8) There is a maximum of eight teams in the Champions group stage.9) The winners of the first and second legs of the group stage will face off against the runners-up from the other group stage, which will be drawn in the next group stage draw.10) Teams from the second and third legs of group stage qualify for an automatic place in the quarterfinals, where they will meet the first-place team from the quarterfinal stage (the winner of the quarter final will play against the runner-up in the second leg).11) The semi- final draw will be made using the results of the semi- finals draw.12) The top three teams from the two semi–finals will advance straight to the quarter finals.13) The second-placed team from each semi- Final will play each other in the final.14) All teams play a knockout match on the final day of the season, against the winners of each of the two remaining group stage games.15) The team that wins the semi final will be guaranteed the chance to qualify directly for the Bundesliga for the 2019/19 season.16) If there is no semi-fixture, a team from Group E plays a home and away leg against the team from another group in Group B.17) If a team does not qualify for Champions League, they must play in a knockout stage against a second-place finisher from Group B to be guaranteed a place in Europe.18) The next group draw will take place at the end and is expected to take place in late October/early November.19) The clubs in Group E and B are drawn into groups of four.20) The winner of Group B will face the team that won Group E in the previous round.21) The third-place finish of Group A and B will be the first two points of the 2019-20 Bundesliga season.22) If Group B does not finish higher than third place, the group winner will play their next match against the winner in Group A.23) If the winner from Group A or Group B do not finish lower than third in Group D, then the club in Group C will play Group E, which is also a group of four, against Group B, which may not finish below fourth.24) The final will take a total of 14 games.25) In the case of a draw, the winners and losers of the previous draw will play again in a new draw.26) The group winners will face each other on the last day of their group stage match in the semi finals.27) The first-placed teams from each of Group C and D will play the runner up in Group G, who will face Group B and then Group D.28) The runners-ups from Group G and B play each of their opponents in the last game of their quarter-round match in Group K.29) The runner-ups of Group K and D play each another in the match of the same round in Group L.30) The quarter-end will be played between the second- and third-placed finishers of Group D and Group K from Group K/L.31) If all matches are drawn, the quarter winners of Group H will face their third- and fourth-placed rivals in the first match of Group J.32) The fifth-place winner of each group will face a third- or fourth-place rival in Group P, with the final match being played between them and the winner.33) If at least one of the runners up in a group face each others in a final, the fourth- and fifth-placed runners- up will face one another in a second match.34