How to find out what the new US visa system looks like

GSAB, the G-5 group of governments that oversees visas for most foreign workers, said it was considering a proposal that would make visas for foreign nationals who are already working in the United States conditional on them returning to their country of origin.

The proposal, which was presented on Tuesday to the GSABs committee of the G7 group of nations, would also allow some non-immigrant visas to be revoked for visa overstays and temporary stays. 

GSAB’s proposal to the committee, which meets in December, was the subject of criticism from other countries including Australia and Canada, who have complained about the impact of visa overstay on their economies and labor markets.

The proposed rule would require visas for people who have been in the US for more than five years, as well as those who have held US green cards.

Under the proposal, those visa holders who were overstayed their visas would be allowed to reapply for US greencards, with a one-year waiting period. 

The proposal comes as GSA Boces, the international organisation that supervises visas for US expatriates, is trying to boost its capacity to manage the massive influx of people seeking work. 

On Thursday, GSA members met for the first time in several months to discuss the issue, as the G8 heads for the summit in Northern Ireland.

GSA BOCE chief executive Janusz Koczela told a news conference on Thursday that the G6 and G7 countries are working together to tackle visa overwork in the global labour market.

“In our meeting today we talked about the problems of the visa overpopulation problem,” he said.

“It is not just that we have overstayers and people that are overstaying their visas, it is also that people are staying in the country that they want to work.”

The G7 also plans to host a summit in September to tackle the issue.