How to watch GST on Sky Sports News and Channel 4 Sports

The world’s best soccer league is finally on its way to being broadcast in the UK.

The FA Cup is scheduled to kick off on Friday.

Sky Sports will broadcast the tournament, with Channel 4 will be carrying it live.

The FA Cup has been the pinnacle of British football for years and was created to provide a platform for top clubs to compete in the biggest competition in the world.

It is played every four years, and it is a huge opportunity for the country to show off its talent and showcase its footballing history.

Sky is planning to broadcast the cup in the coming weeks.

The tournament is set to be played in front of a sold out Wembley Stadium, which was constructed in 1923.

The cup has been played by England since 1928 and was played every year until the 1990s.

In the modern era, the competition has been won by England twice, in 1998 and 2009.

It will be the third major competition to be broadcast in this format, following the Champions League and the FA Cup.

The Premier League and Bundesliga have also had their matches streamed live, but Sky Sports have said it will not be broadcasting the competition at this time.