Amazon Australia to give $50,000 incentive to hire more Australians

Posted August 25, 2018 05:19:22Amazon has revealed that it is giving up $50 million to recruit and retain more Australians to work in its IT and digital services.

The company is set to announce its latest investment in Australia this week and announced its first ever Australian Investment Grant for the 2018/19 financial year.

Amazon has been in Australia for a number of years, offering its own employees at its Australian HQ and its regional operations in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

Amazon is set for its fourth round of investment in the country, and the announcement comes amid increasing concerns about its labour practices in Australia.

Ahead of the announcement, Amazon Australia CEO David Braben said:”The Australian economy is strong, we have a strong job market, but there is a growing need for more Australians.

This is our opportunity to provide more Australians with a new, rewarding, and rewarding career.”

Amazon has more than 8,000 Australian employees, and has over 600,000 members across its more than 30 countries.

The US tech giant’s investment is part of a broader investment strategy it has in Australia, with Amazon announcing last year that it was giving away $2 billion in Australian government and corporate funds to recruit workers and hire more Australian talent.

Amazon CEO David Bensinger said the company was confident in Australia and in its ability to hire Australian talent and that the announcement was designed to give Australians “a reason to continue to work there”.

Amazon’s announcement comes after it announced plans to hire 200 people for its Queensland regional operations, bringing the total number of Australian employees to 1,800.

The company announced plans last year to increase its Australian workforce to around 1,500, with plans to expand its Brisbane regional operations to include its headquarters in Brisbane and Melbourne by 2019.

A report by The Australian Financial Review earlier this month found Amazon Australia’s workers had a significantly higher suicide rate than those in other countries.

Australia’s total suicide rate was more than seven times the average for other OECD countries, according to the report.

In a separate announcement last year, Amazon also announced it would invest $50 billion in the Australian digital economy, including $30 billion in digital transformation investments.

It also announced that it would provide $20 million in grants to local communities to support digital technology companies.

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