How to keep your head down during election campaign: The 5 tips that will help you keep the lights on

The election has been a rollercoaster for the mining industry in Central Guntur, a district of the state capital.

GST election 167: The final days of campaigning in the state’s mining town of Guntura.GST Election 167: What you need to know about the election in Central -Guntura, in Karnataka, where the poll is being fought.

Key points:The state election is set to be held on August 11The final vote count is expected to be announced by August 14The Karnataka Government has cancelled elections scheduled for September 2, after the state witnessed a string of incidents of violence and arson over the past fortnight, including a bomb blast that killed two police officers.

The state has witnessed a spate of political violence, with several people killed and dozens injured in protests in recent weeks.

A total of 14 persons were killed in riots over a span of seven days in the city of Gandhinagar, in July.

The Karnadesh elections are scheduled for August 11, the day after the final vote counting.

Key points for the election:The final count of votes is expected by August 15The Karnishakas Election Commission (KEC) has cancelled the election due to the spate of violenceThe Karneshakti district of Guttur will be a battleground for the final week of the electionThe Karnashikti District Election Commission has cancelled a scheduled vote for September 5, following the riots in the area.

The Karnaktivali, a city of a million people in the heart of the Guntural State, is the largest of the three constituencies, with a population of more than 20 million.

It is expected that the vote will be held in the Guttural seat of Gautam Nagar, a seat that will be in the middle of the fray for the BJP.

The BJP, the ruling party, has been targeting the Gautambi constituency for some time.

The party is targeting the state because it holds about 35% of the vote, which means it has an absolute majority there.

The party also plans to use the Gattar district in the southern state of Uttar Pradesh, where it has a majority.

In November last year, the state government had announced a five-year plan to end violence and restore calm.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party had also accused the BJP of trying to “subvert” the state elections, with an alleged video of a woman being burnt alive and her throat slit at a BJP rally in May this year.

On Thursday, the Karnataka government cancelled the scheduled election due, in part, to the violence.

“We have decided to cancel the election scheduled for 9 August and hold another election for 7 September in the district of Gandashirakti on the basis of the security situation in the country,” Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said.

Kartik Krishnan, a spokesperson for the Karnashis Election Commission, said the cancellation of the poll had been made due to a lack of funds to run it.

“The government has taken cognisance of the situation and the number of votes have been cancelled due to lack of money,” he said.

Krishnan added the state Election Commission would “continue to monitor” the situation in Guttura and other parts of Karnataka.