What is GST in Karnataka? – Current GST time,GST 46 oil

In Karnataka, the Central Government is currently implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for the first time.

The GST has already been rolled out in the state.

The Central Government had initially planned to roll out the GST by December 1, but it has now given the go-ahead to the State Government to roll it out from January 1.

It is the first state to have a direct tax system with no indirect tax.

The move has been taken as the state government is keen to ease the burden on the poor, especially the youth.

The government is also keen to simplify the tax regime and the taxation of businesses, businesses and non-commercial entities, the state’s Finance Minister J P Rao said.

The state has also decided to provide the same relief to the tax-paying households and the farmers.

This is the fourth time in the last six years that Karnataka has made GST a reality.

This time, the Government is making the change at the behest of the people of Karnataka.

The Government has also made it mandatory for all households to register and pay GST on January 1, 2019.