The price of a toyota vehicle

Toyota has paid a US$1.6 million invoice to the Government of New Zealand for the payment of a GST bill, and said it would continue to work with the Government on the matter.

Toyota is the world’s largest automaker and has a market capitalisation of $15.5 trillion.

It employs over 1,400,000 people in the United States and in Japan.

Earlier this year, the Government announced a proposal to phase out its sales tax on some products, including cars, trucks and light trucks.

GST, also known as Goods and Services Tax, is a sales tax that is levied on imported goods.

It is collected from people at the point of sale and is applied on every transaction, with the proceeds used to finance infrastructure and other government programmes.

The payment by Toyota of the GST bill was announced last week.

Toyotas spokesman Matt Bostrom said the company was “pleased to receive a GST payment of US$9.7 million, as we were informed that the Government has provided an opportunity for the company to submit a revised GST Bill”.

He said the firm would continue its work with government and work with suppliers to ensure that “the new bill is fair and reasonable”.

Toyota said it planned to meet with the Department of Internal Affairs and Trade (DIT) to review the payment.

The department confirmed to Al Jazeera that it had been informed by the Government that Toyota had paid the invoice, and that it was “pursuing a review of the bill”.

Toyototas spokesperson Matt Bastrom said Toyota had “received a GST Payment of US $9.07 million, which we are currently reviewing”.

He added that Toyota would “continue to work closely with DIT to ensure the bill is appropriate and fair”.

Bostrom also said that the company would continue “to work closely” with Dit on a revised bill.

He said it was still “under review” as to how it will pay the bill.

In July, the government announced that it planned for its GST bill to be scrapped in 2019, citing an increase in imports from China and other low-cost countries.