How to get a good job in Australia

The job market in Australia is tough, and with so many graduates looking for work, there’s a lot of competition for vacancies.

It’s also one of the best countries to work, says the ABS.

The most popular jobs in Australia: 1.

IT analyst (18.5%) 2.

Computer and data analyst (17.3%) 3.

Software developer (15.4%) 4.

Programmer (15%) 5.

Computer network and network infrastructure manager (14.6%) 6.

Data and software developer (14%) 7.

Software engineer (14% more likely) 8.

Software project manager (13%) 9.

Computer systems analyst (13.5% more than last year) 10.

IT consultant (13% more) Source: ABS dataSource: ABSThe ABS data shows that software developers and IT consultants are particularly well-paid, with average wages of $56,000 a year.

However, software engineers are more likely to be in the $60,000-a-year range, with a median salary of $74,000.

In contrast, IT systems analysts make an average of $57,000 and software engineers average $56.

The software developer salaries have risen slightly, rising to $66,000 last year, up from $58,000 in 2016.

The average software engineer salary has risen by $4,600 to $76,000, a gain of $6,200.

The ABS also looks at the jobs in industries that have seen their share of the workforce fall.

These include financial services, health, mining and tourism.

These are the most popular job categories for graduates, but there’s some debate as to whether they are getting the jobs they’re looking for.

While the ABS data does show that software engineers and IT developers are in demand, it also shows that they’re underpaid.

Software engineers are paid $56k, compared to $67k for software developers.

However the proportion of software engineers is also at an all-time low, at just 4.4%.

There’s some evidence to suggest that there are fewer vacancies than in previous years.

In 2018, the number of software developers available for hire was 5,200, compared with 5,900 the year before.

However in 2019, this fell to 4,400.

So while software engineers were making more money last year than they were in 2016, they’re still a lot less likely to get the jobs than they used to be.