Gambling commission to recommend Boces and Boches win bocas award

BOCES, Malaysia – A group of gambling-related companies and the Government of Malaysia said Friday they had won the Bocas Award, the world’s most prestigious honor in sports, which recognizes the best sportsmen and women.

Malaysia’s sports ministry said in a statement that the award, which was presented to the three winners in front of a cheering crowd at the Singapore Olympic Stadium, “will be presented to three winners of the Boca Juniors sports competition.

This will be the fourth Boca Jocas final.

The winner will be presented with a cheque for the sum of Rp. 1.6 billion ($17.5 million).”

The three winners were BocaJocas general manager, sports director and BocaJuniors director of the public relations department, according to the statement.

BocaJos has a global reputation for having a strong reputation in sports and in the sports industry, said the statement, which did not give further details.

It did not name the three companies or the recipients.

The Malaysian government has a sports ministry dedicated to promoting sport and sportsmanship.

It has a Boca-Joces Sports Club and BOCAS Award in recognition of its outstanding sportsmen.

It also has a Sports Council which oversees sports development in Malaysia.

The statement said the winners will be announced at the 2018 Bocajos International Sports Forum.