Microsoft pulls the plug on in Canada

Microsoft has withdrawn support for in Canada, ending a move that had already cost more than $200 million.

The move comes as Microsoft announced it was pulling support for Microsoft Outlook, which provides a central location for online communications for people living in Canada and around the world.

The move, announced in the company’s quarterly earnings call, comes amid growing pressure from U.S. lawmakers to take action against Russian hackers.

“We are disappointed that will no longer be supported in Canada.

The support was provided in a cost-effective way, and we believe this decision will help to preserve the value of Microsoft Outlook in Canada,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.”

To be clear, we continue to support and other services across Canada.”

The move came as Microsoft reported a net loss of $11.4 billion in the quarter ended March 31, the company said in its earnings call.

Microsoft’s stock fell 3.8% in premarket trading Thursday, following the announcement.

Microsoft said that Microsoft’s decision was made to align with the company-owned domain, and to improve the interoperability between and Outlook.go.

The company also said that its platform will be removed from Microsoft’s platform and that users who were using,,, Outlook or can no longer access these services.

Microsoft also announced that it will begin rolling out a new product suite called Microsoft Azure Exchange.

The new product will be called Azure Outlook.

Microsoft said that the product will include Microsoft Exchange and Azure Exchange Online, a product that will provide Exchange-based communication between Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange.

The announcement comes after Microsoft has said that it is closing its support for other popular email and online services in the United States, including Gmail and Outlook Mail.

The company also announced plans to shutter the Windows Online services in Canada by June 30.

Microsoft is expected to announce its financial results for the quarter in the first quarter of next year.