How to Buy ‘The Hunger Games’ With Your Paypal Wallet

You can buy The Hunger Games with your Paypal account, but you’ll need to register it first, then send your paypal balance to the official website and send it to your bank.

You’ll also need to add your email address to the website, which means you’ll have to log into your PayPAL account every time you buy.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Paypal payment processor in action.

Last year, the company was the subject of a Reddit AMA where one user asked how PayPal handles fraud.

We’ve asked the company about how it handles the issue and received no response.

But the company did release a statement in April about how Paypal handles fraud: Paypal will never ask for your personal information and will never send any unsolicited emails, and our privacy policy protects you from any unauthorized disclosures of your information.