How to calculate a maximum number of times to make a maximum contribution

The daily maximum contribution of the Israeli government to the national budget is about $500 million, but it does not include the money Israel spends on the military.

The government pays out about $1.8 billion annually to the army, which has the right to receive a 10 percent share of the budget.

It receives about $400 million a year from the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations.

But this is a different issue for the Israeli parliament.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is part of the government, which means it is a major donor to the country’s defense.

The IDF receives about 50 percent of its budget from the Israeli public.

But the Israeli prime minister is the commander of the army.

He has to give that amount of money to the government.

This is not the case for the Palestinian territories, which are not parties to the Oslo Accords.

The PA receives about 40 percent of the total Israeli budget, but receives a small portion of the funds.

The money is split between the two organizations, with the Palestinian president getting the lion’s share.

The Palestinian Authority receives around 35 percent of Israel’s budget.

Its members receive about 60 percent of it.

It also receives the lion share of funds from the IDF.

The Israeli parliament is in charge of spending the funds, but the Palestinian leader has to approve the amount.

If he does not, the funds go to the Palestinian treasury.

The amount of the contribution the Israeli leadership makes is decided by the Israeli Supreme Court.

It decides on this matter annually, and it is up to the prime minister to decide how much money to give to his government.

The money Israel pays to the Palestinians is a part of their total tax revenue.

In addition, the PA collects about $100 million a month from Israelis.

The total amount that Israel pays the Palestinian authority is $3.3 billion.

It is divided into three categories: the money that is transferred to the PA, the money the Palestinian government pays to Israel, and the money it pays to Hamas.

Israel is a member of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, but Israel has been at war with the Palestinians since 1967.

Israel also shares the border with Syria, which is considered the Palestinian territory.

Israel controls the area from its southern border to the Mediterranean Sea.

The border is considered to be the “Green Line” and has not been demarcated.

Israel uses it to make its position in the Middle East clear, which was the reason for the 1967 war.