FourFour Two: Three Things to Do Before the New Year

FourFourtwo – 3 Things to do before the New Years Eve celebrations, including holiday decorations, are on the agenda for the state of Victoria.

Key points:The state is celebrating Christmas by giving out free gifts to all residents and businesses in the stateThe state has announced it will allow visitors to celebrate New Years in a festive manner, but not without the help of a safety planThe Victorian Government is offering free Christmas trees, presents and gifts for the public, as well as free entry to local restaurants and shops.

“We are making sure that Victoria remains a place where the people of Victoria can come together in a spirit of peace and harmony,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“It is important that we ensure that all Victorians enjoy the holiday season safely and in the spirit of unity and mutual respect.”

In a bid to create a festive atmosphere, Victoria has made arrangements for the celebrations to be held in public spaces from 1am on the 1 December.

“There will be a number of places that will be open for public viewing, which include restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres, hotels, cafes, retail stores and schools,” the Victorian Government said in a release.

The celebrations are also being made available to anyone with a car.

“Victoria is welcoming a festive season that will bring people together and create a sense of family and community.

It is important to remember that our Christmas tradition is a time of celebration for all,” it said.

Victoria will also provide a safety package for the residents and visitors of the state, including advice on the proper use of personal protective equipment.

“The state will provide safety advice to the public,” the Government said.

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