When Will The LPG Prices Go Up?

The Ligas GSF is one of the biggest gas cars on the market.The GSF has proven itself to be one of those engines that just works, producing about 70 mpg on the highway and 50 mpg in the city.In 2016, the GSF made more than 3 million miles on the […]

How to pronounce gst Australia

A couple of months ago, we had a couple of questions for our Australian correspondent: how to pronounce GST, and what to do if you want to see it.“What are we going to do with our GST?What are we doing to the economy?” she asked.We asked her if we could […]

How to get a refund from your GST card in Canada

Canada has long had its fair share of confusing billing and fraud charges, but in recent years the country has been trying to catch up with other countries.The government is making some progress, though, with a new credit card bill-processing tool for Canadians and a revised online payment system.GST refunds […]

Gracie Gosteleven to leave Greens

Former Gracies football coach Eddie Gostelone, who is set to take a leave of absence, will be leaving the club in the coming days.Gostelevers wife Jessica said the family was saddened by the news.“We are sad to announce that Eddie Gopelone has announced his retirement from the sport and will […]

How to watch the GST opposition rally in our home country

GST activists in India are gathering in Hyderabad to march in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi against opposition candidates in the upcoming Gujarat assembly election.The BJP has fielded eight opposition candidates, the largest number of any political party in the country.The opposition is demanding an unconditional ban on the […]

Why California may not need to raise minimum wage

California lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent the state from raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.The legislation is designed to protect workers who earn $10.10 an hour or less, but it also aims to protect the most vulnerable workers, like low-wage earners.California has not raised the […]

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