When is the Hindu calendar?

The Hindu calendar has changed to April 24 and the next two months will be shifted to the month of March.That is the last month before the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela on April 28.The Hindu calendar also has four festivals in April, May, June and July.However, the next four […]

The Israeli military’s job description

A new army post was inaugurated in the heart of Tel Aviv on Monday, a day after it was announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called on the entire country to “support the government.”The job description for the new post, at the new Military Intelligence Command headquarters, was released […]

What is a GST registration document?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a tax on goods and services and a levy on the income of businesses.A person can collect and remit GST through a number of means.GST has become more popular in recent years as a way to raise revenue to help finance public services.Here’s a […]

How to use Blockchain to unlock your secrets

How to find your next big tech idea article The internet of things is coming.It is the future.But how do we use it?Blockchain is the answer.And it will help you build something new.The internet is decentralized.But there are certain things that should be centralised.Here are a few of the biggest.1.Identity […]

Why is GST being phased out?

By Brian WiedenfeldGST ( GST ) is the national sales tax on all purchases of goods and services and is introduced in the federal budget this month.As it’s a national sales levy, it has been phased out by the federal government.A report in The Australian newspaper suggests the changes are […]

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